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Professional analytics - result-oriented documentation

Our engineering office offers you comprehensive solutions and services for wind energy projects. We take care of all planning, preparatory and accompanying measures for wind turbines.   

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians can carry out load simulations according to recognized guidelines, calculate and design tubular steel towers, analyze the lifetime extension of wind turbines, determine energy yields of wind farms and analyze and evaluate wind measurement data. We also produce comprehensive, analytical reports ready for assessment.

Load simulation and aerodynamics

Load simulations with aeroelastic structural models according to recognized guidelines such as GL-Guidelines, DNV Standards or "IEC 61400-1" for further structural calculation or certification projects

Structural calculation of tubular steel towers

Calculation or design of tubular steel towers according to applicable national or international standards

Analysis and evaluation of loads/structural measurements

Evaluation of measurement data regarding structural loads, comparison with simulation data, evaluation and recommendations

Lifetime extension of wind turbines

Performance of analysis for the determination of the remaining useful life of wind turbines according to DIBt guidelines and current BWE principles as well as DNV standards

Energy yield forecasts

Determination of energy yields of wind farms considering local wind conditions & optimization of turbine configuration

Analysis and evaluation of wind measurement data

Determination of the wind potential at the site including all statistical evaluations of the wind data according to recognized regulations

Expert´s opinion/report

Comprehensive, verifiable analytical report including description of the procedure and presentation of the results in numerical and graphical form for further internal use or for submission to a competent certification body. Report length usually from approx. 10 pages (short report) to approx. 100 pages (detailed documentation). Report language: German or English, other languages on request. Report form: digital file (pdf), paper version on request.

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