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Our knowledge and expertise in the field of wind energy enable us to offer you the best possible solution for your requirements. Our particular strengths are our independence and our extensive network. We plan and advise impartially and create a tailor-made concept that meets your requirements. With our long-standing partners, we can offer you the most optimal solution, technically and economically. 

Load simulation

- Various types of wind turbines
onshore (10 kW - 5 MW)

Life time extension of wind turbines

- Analysis of the remaining useful life for more than 1,200 wind turbines in Germany and Europe

Tower Design

- Tubular steel towers (30 kW - 5 MW)

Expert opinion

- Quality assurance, mounting process of pitch bearing assembly - Impact of wake effects on structural integrity

Technical due diligence

- Wind farms in Germany, Belgium and France

Analysis of wind measurement data

- Locations in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil - Locations in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Site specific load analysis and evaluation

- Wind farms in various countries, e.g. Brazil, USA, New Zealand, EU


- Participation in international standardization in the field of wind energy (IEC, TC88, MT 01)

Type certification

- Project management and accompaniment in certification for international wind turbine manufacturers

Design Basis / Project Certification for Offshore Wind Farms

- Global Tech I, Borkum West II, MEG I (North Sea)


- Damage inspections / root cause analysis, wind farms in RS, Brazil - Tower installation inspection, wind farm in RS, Brazil


- German and European research projects

Seminars and training in wind energy technology

- Seminar lecture "Life Time Extension of Wind Turbines - Analytical Part”, seminar series of the German Wind Energy Association (BWE)

- Wind turbine training course “Simulation and Verification of Loads on Wind Turbines”, China General Certification Center (CGC), Bejing

- Seminar and Training "Technology of Wind Energy", Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (in Portuguese)

- Seminar and training "Loads and Load Simulations on Wind Turbines", service provider, Itzehoe, Germany

- Seminar "Wind Energy Projects for The Production of Electrical Energy", Universidad Católica de Santa Maria, Arequipa, Peru (in Spanish)

- Seminar "Wind Energy - Technology, Economy, Challenges", Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia (in Spanish)

- Seminar "Wind Energy Technology in the Focus of Standardization", House of Technology, Essen, Germany

- Various seminars for international manufacturers of wind turbines

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