Together we ensure successful development of wind energy projects through independence, experience and close cooperation.


Planning reliability in every phase

We provide decision-making bases for complex, technical projects and also associated commercial contexts, thus ensuring the necessary planning security in every phase. For special questions within a project, we develop solution proposals and recommendations. Our independence and extensive experience in wind energy, as well as the close cooperation with your team, ensure a reliable and effective development of the project.

Our main fields of activity are, among others: Load simulations, analysis of lifetime extension, support in certification processes, feasibility studies, yield analyses of wind turbines, support in technical contractual aspects and risks, technical project assessments for operators, investors and insurance companies. Further services of our office are verification and evaluation of design, fabrication and construction processes as well as customized trainings and seminars. All services are fully documented, confidentiality guaranteed.


Efficient planning of wind energy projects

We are experts in all areas of wind energy technology and take over all planning, preparation and support tasks for wind energy projects.


Engineering is a key component in the development of wind energy projects and its products. It requires a combination of technical expertise and creative problem solving to meet the complex requirements of the project. Let's move wind energy projects forward together.


We offer comprehensive services focused on wind turbines and components. These include concept evaluations, comparisons of results in competition or taking into account special requirements. Do you have any questions? We will be happy to assist you.

Lifetime Extension

The service life of wind turbines/ wind farms can be extended after the design life has expired with assessment for lifetime extension. We analyze the type approval and check whether the structural integrity is still guaranteed after the designed service life has expired.